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A man using a VR box.

5 Futuristic Tech Gadgets You Can Totally Buy Today

Future is a state which excites every human being on the planet. Everyone is excited to know what will happen in future. Also, we look out for gadgets which are going to get the trendy tag in future. However, what if you can get hands on these futuristic gadgets today? No, you don’t need a time machine. You need to simply keep reading this article. There are many futuristic gadgets which you thought are going to come in your attention after a long time in future. But, here they are:


Drones are fascinating. Watching a drone fly in the air shooting pictures and videos, sounds futuristic but it is already available in the present. You can purchase any drone of your choice on the internet. Actually, a large variety of drones is available in the market. Look out for them. Also, a tip for users who watched Impact Wrestling shows every week. Matt Hardy’s drones were really awesome, weren’t they?

Floating Speakers

If you thought that watching a drone fly in the air shooting videos is crazy, what about a floating speaker? These speakers are hands free. These devices levitate in the air and produce sound at the same time. Give it a try, you’ll love them. Floating Speakers can make your life more techy and impress everyone simultaneously. Pick up the device from the nearest store and live in the future.

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality Headset provides users a virtual reality graphic to users. The device is famous among gamers. As an individual can literally experience the video, gamers love to use VR Headsets. These devices completely enhance the gaming experience. Google Cardboard is one of the prime examples of VR Headsets. The day is not far away when everyone in this world will own a VR Headset. You can get theater like experience at your home using VR Headsets so why not buy the device?


Every kid dreamed of buying a hoverboard when after watching Back to the Future. The film series gave us a lot of thrills and hoverboard was one of them. The self-balancing scooter became one of the most demanding devices back then. It was a demanding device back then but there were no hoverboards. However, today we have them, so why wait?

3D Pen

Everyone loves to draw. No matter how much bad your drawing is, it is still fun. Also, you love it when you see actors using a pen to draw things on thin air in 3D in Sci-Fi films. But, stop watching, pick your own 3D Pen and draw 3D images. These devices are out in the market; get your chance to finally earn the cool tag.

Ending Statement

We have been waiting for future to come for a long time now. It has arrived. So, why are we lagging behind in the past? Buy these futuristic gadgets and feel the future. I can assure you, it is awesome.

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