How to Choose Best Mattress for your child By Olivia Baskanas?

How to Choose Best Mattress for your child By Olivia Baskanas?

Having a baby is a great blessing to any married couple. These tiny angels complete and give more meaning to a family. That is why parents always make sure to give their babies the utmost care and protection that they need. And part of ensuring the safety and comfortability of our babies is buying and preparing their baby gears. Aside from the expected date of birth of our infants, parents tend to get this unsettling excitement about shopping and carefully choosing the stuff your baby is going to be needing.

Best Mattress for your child

When I was expecting my baby boy, I also thoroughly prepared everything before his birth. I wanted to personally pick everything for him – from his clothing, to his crib, beddings, stroller, walker, diaper, feeding bottle and many more. However, my husband and I were in a pretty tight budget during that time so I tried to save as much as I can by buying those gears that we can save more. Out of all those baby gears I have mentioned, my baby’s bedding or mattress was one of the few things I didn’t pay much attention to. I thought he would just outgrow it, so I shouldn’t try to invest too much in it. Little did I know that I was actually making the worst decision for my little boy.

I gave birth to my healthy baby boy on the 1st of May 2011 and I was all hyped to let him use all the baby gears and stuff I bought for him. His white crib served as a great complement to the sky blue mattress I bought. It was heavenly to watch my newborn lie on it. However, after just a month of using it, I noticed that my son started to have rashes on his tiny arms and legs. Then, eventually on his back as well. We immediately took him to the doctor and found out that it was an allergy. We have prescribed some ointment and powder for my son’s rashes. My husband and I suspected that the culprit for the rashes was the mattress so we cleared and cleaned his crib and replaced the mattress he was using. After replacing it, my son finally got better. His rashes didn’t come back anymore. It turns out the fabric cover already started to fray and the foam was not really of good quality in terms of not having heat get stuck inside. I think that “heat” coming out from the foam was another contributor to my son’s rashes. The good thing about that experience of mine was I learned my lesson about buying stuff for my son, especially the mattress. But the sad thing about it was I had to see my son suffer because of my unwise decision. The thought of being able to save money for buying a cheaper product actually cost me even more. In exchange for the cheap mattress, I had to pay for the doctor and the medicine for my son. It had cost my poor baby’s health and welfare as well as the peaceful nights that we could’ve spent together if only he was able to sleep comfortably on a finer mattress

Now, as a mother and a responsible parent, don’t let yourself end up like me. Don’t wait until you start seeing your baby suffer. Sometimes, when we deprive ourselves of things of good quality to save money, we actually end up spending more in the long run. Pay attention to the things you buy especially for your delicate baby. If you think the mattress is just a small matter, well, here are some reasons for you to rethink your thoughts again!

5 Reasons to Buy best Mattress for your child:

1. Your baby spends around 16 hours each day sleeping. So, they spend most of their time lying on that mattress you bought. 

If your mattress is of poor quality, then definitely your baby wouldn’t be able to have that dreamy and comfortable sleep. And if your baby is not able to sleep well, you would be spending sleepless nights too trying to pacify him/her.

2. You might end up risking your baby’s health and welfare.

I have just mentioned how my son’s health suffered because of my poor choice of mattress. Low-quality products, just like the mattress I bought, can have adverse effects on your baby’s health. When buying a mattress, always check the brand, the quality and the material used. Make a research about brands of mattresses and their reviews. Some brands of mattresses that are known for their good quality are the Newton Wovenaire Baby Mattress, Serta Tranquility Eco Firm Crib and Toddler Mattress, and Milliard Crib & Toddler Mattress.

3. Your baby has special needs, and that includes a special mattress too.

Companies of mattresses for infants manufacture their products according to the needs of the baby. That’s why you can’t just have your baby lie on any kind of mattress. It has to be the one specially made for them. Each brand of good-quality mattress has something unique to offer you. For instance, the Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Infant/Toddler Crib Mattress is known for making its mattress out of soybeans. Their use of soybean for the material makes it eco-friendly, unique, lightweight, and very durable. If this is not the kind you are looking for, then you can always read the specifications of other brands of mattresses to learn more. It can help you decide on the most appropriate mattress for your beloved baby.

4. Look for mattresses that are firm.

Buying a mattress that is too soft may put your baby’s life in danger. If the mattress is too soft, your baby will most likely sink into the mattress, making it hard for them to change positions. What is worse is that they may end up getting suffocated once they land in a delicate position during their sleep.

5. The risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

According to the study conducted by Fern R. Hauck, MD., the majority of the cases of SIDS were due to the baby’s sleeping environment. Infants who slept on soft beddings died with either smothering or overheating. If you check out some brands of mattresses, like the Newton Wovenaire Baby Mattress, they are actually made to address issues or problems like smothering.

With all these things presented, hopefully, the message has been clearly delivered.- a good quality mattress MATTERS A LOT. Spending more means saving less in the long run while spending more is equals to saving more as well in the future. It is your baby we are talking about so better choose to spend more on quality.