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2k Reviews

Dualpolymer Waterless Car Wash Repairs Minor Scratches

10 Best Car Scratch Remover – To Get Rid of Scratches in Seconds!!

The look of a glistening exterior on your car is what every driver yearns to maintain. But scratches are inevitable along the road either from the washing brushes or other drivers. You may opt to take your car to a body shop, but this comes at a high cost. For many drivers, removing scuffs, scratches, and marks is a ‘Do It Yourself’ thing. All you need to do is select a scratch remover.

Sounds easy, right? But making that choice can be a daunting process if you don’t know what you are looking for. With the many different kits, it’s a like walking in a maze with no end in sight.

We’ve combed the market to find some of the scratch remover compounds. These kits are great for most car finishes, allowing you to reduce the time you take to restore minor scratches, blemishes, and create a glossy look all in simple steps.

Our Editor’s Choice for the Best Car Scratch Remover Pen is the Meguiars Scratch Remover. It is fast and easy to remove swirls, scratches, and oxidation all without further scratching of the vehicle. It is the best product to remove scratches from car paint. With the help of Meguiar’s micro-abrasive technology, this product levels without scratching to give your car a glossy and smooth finish. Well if you didn’t had good time with Meguiar’s products then we prefer you go with Turtle T-214 Wax

9. DualPolymer Waterless Car Wash


  •  Works well on minor paint scratches
  •  Works fast in half the time for buffering and waxing
  •  It resists fingerprint formation
  • It is more durable than Carnauba wax


  • Does not work on deep scratches


The finest looking ride is attainable when you have a handy product by your side. DualPolymer Waterless Car Wash should restore any minor scratch on your vehicle’s paint. It utilizes acrylic resin technology which is much better than Carnauba wax. But if you still want to use waxing for your car we recommend you to read this guide on best Carnauba wax.

It covers up the blemishes and protects your car from further dulling. It prevents the formation of hard water stains as well as removing marks from acidic bird droppings. You’ll like the end product since it requires a very little time to achieve.

It is for those who don’t like rubbing and buffing for hours when you could get a shinier surface in minutes. It doubles as a rubbing compound which helps to even out damaged surfaces. It also resists fingerprints which is an incredible bonus for a waterless car wash.


  • User-friendly hand application
  • Removes hazing and light scratches
  • It refurbishes dull car exteriors
  • Boosts clarity on the car before wax application
  • It has 3-years shelf life
  • Safe for use on all clear coats


  • Not suitable for gouges and deep scratches

The Meguiars Scratch Remover G18116 product is intended for fine scratches just like the EXCOUP pen. With this remover, it can reach below the surface and even out any swirling and hazing. It proves efficient in that it uses polishing oils which restores a rich and brilliant exterior.

You are guaranteed of a smooth, clear surface as it boosts a glossy finish even before you apply the wax. It is an excellent pick for clear coats and bright paints as it produces the shine your car needs. However, this polishing compound is not recommended for use on satin, matte, or flat surfaces.

We like that it is easy to apply by hand, exempting you from hard buffering using machine-aided tools. It outperforms most tub-based polishing compounds since it brings back the brilliance on dull surfaces. It’s just what your car needs when you spot a nasty scratch.

  • Pros

    • Works on all colors
    • Works as a compound, a cleaner and a polish.
    • Removes defects and scratches and adds a protective layer
    • Covers swirls and scratches
    • Uses only a few drops in a single application (4-5 at most)


  • Not great for deep car scratches

  • Best to use the vss applicator


If you don’t like buying different products to cover the same process, have a look at the Chemical Guys 129-16 Scratch and Swirl Remover. It only takes one step to acquire a mirror finish alongside a durable protection. It first slashes away light scratches imperfections and swirls and polishes the surface. This process gives your car the lustrous look you desire. You can then add a protective layer to ensure the refurbished coat does not come off soon.

This remover works with rotary polishing machines as well as dual-action devices. It uses diminishing abrasive technology to ensure that no scratch is covered. Instead, it works to remove the scuff and fill in the defect for long-lasting protection. This sealant is excellent for removing bird droppings as well as keeping your car’s surface protected against UV rays.

You don’t need to perform multiple applications. It is a one-step product which will deliver a mirror finish in just one application.

  • Pros

    • Fast-cut formulation
    • Restores a shiny exterior in fast, simple steps
    • Requires little working to produce a polished look
    • It is safe for enamel paint finishes, clear coats, and lacquer
    • Gives a high-quality, professional finish


  • Needs multiple applications to remove heavy scratches 


The 3M 03900 Rubbing Compound is an upscale product perfect for any car model. It uses an incredibly fast cutting formula that does not fill scratches but removes them. Not only that, this compound can work on most types of blemishes including water marks and oxidation stains. It polishes your car’s surface down to a scuff-free, waxy and shiny finish.

Most users like that it does not require much work. All you need to do is use a sanding pad and add the compound wherever the nasty blemishes have occurred. It leaves your car looking as good as new thanks to the waxy element.

You’ll love that one 8oz bottle can last you years as it only takes a few drops. As such, instead of using your hard-earned money on a body shop, you have a product that works great at very minimal costs.

  • Pros

    •  Small portable size
    •  It’s an exact match for factory touch-up paint
    •  The beveled prep tip removes rust and loose paint
    •  Includes clear coat and a foam applicator
    •  Approved by car manufacturers


  • Not ideal for large damages 

When it comes to dealing with simple chips and scratches for your car, you better go with this universal choice. The Dupli-Color AS0100 uses either a pen tip or brush when you want to cover a small or large area. It enables you to work with precision and control thus ridding you of accidental splashes.

With this model, you have the assurance of restoring the original factory finish. The touch-up paint applicator has an abrasive tip which works to preserve your car’s exterior look. This brand is the only color-tested model that has car manufacturers convinced it could do the work it sets forth.

The subtle print on this pen offers ergonomic use especially for first-time users and DIY enthusiasts. It includes a clear coat that seals the surface so that you won’t need to take the car to a body shop for a touch-up. It is your go-to for both small scratches as well as extensive areas.

  • Pros

    • Great on clear coat and single-stage paint
    • Shines up dull and matte surfaces
    • Can be applied by hand or machine polishers
    •  Removes but not refill scratches


  • Does not work on plastic 

Great for hand-compounding applications, the 3M 39044 brand is the best scratch remover for cars with every-day drivers. It is a product that works best on swirls, scratches, and medium oxidation. Machines can also apply it, but you’ll like it more by hand. This is because you’ll be able to reach all the tiny places like under the door handle.

It removes grade 1200 sand scratches and does not merely fill it up. This maintains the quality of the fill so that it can last in good condition for a decent time. We like that it does not contain any fillers so you can indeed see the work you put into fixing your car.

The thick cream comes packed with ultra-fine abrasive minerals which work their way into every single blemish around the car’s surface. It does not also take much of your time since with either a polisher or foam applicator pad; you can have excellent results in no time.

  • Pros

    • It is easy to rub down between coats
    • Can be used on all painted automobile surfaces
    • Restores oxidized surfaces
    • Doubles as a scratch and polish remover
    • It removes scratches not filling them
    • Comes at a low price


  • Designed to be used by hand only

Turtle Wax is a reputable company, and many users swear by their products. And like most drivers, you may want a product that serves two purposes on your car. That’s where the Turtle Wax T-214 comes in. It is a good wax to remove scratches and it’s also a good polishing compound too.

It is a thick paste that can quickly remove any unsightly mark on your car. It is the remedy for dull, oxidized surfaces since it penetrates quickly to produce a bright, shiny look.

This product is excellent for rubbing down in places where the car has different coats of finish. It restores faded finishes and prevents further dulling hence giving you long-lasting results. For all the painted surfaces on SUVs and other types of automobiles, this is the car scratch remover to pick.

  • It’s an automatic remover for scuffs and paint scratches
  • Uses a simple 3-step process to produce beautiful results
  • It includes the necessary accessories for the 3-step process
  • Great for use on all types of automobiles
  • Restores shiny appearances on matte car surface


  • Ideal for fine but not deep scratches

The 3M 39071 Removal System is a simple 3-step process product for light blemishes, scratches and water stains. It can also remove scuffs and loose paint. It comes with a fine 300 grit sanding paper which helps to buff and clear out scratches. With this kit, you’ll sand, compound, and polish the vehicle bringing out a new, shiny luster.

It is sure to remove such scratches caused by fingernails, keys, tree branches, washing brushes, etc. The three-stage system is easy to follow since you’ll know what comes after each step. You can safely handle your car from the comfort of your home garage.

This kit is sure to reduce car repainting costs as it improves the look on the paint hence you don’t need to repaint it for a long time. It comes with all the required accessories including a compounding pad, the abrasive square, and black polishing pad. After completing the three stapes, you only need to apply an automotive wax to protect the finish.


  • Removes light to medium scratches

  • Does not scratch the car in the process of rubbing

  • Uses an exclusive Meguiar’s micro-abrasive technology 

  • It works fast, reducing time spent on blemish removal


  • Does not work well on deep scratches like those made by keys

If your car has beaten lots of mileage, chances are it has a neglected surface that is prone to scratches. What better way to bring back that luster than with the Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound (Best Auto Scratch Remover). It uses their exclusive abrasive technology which works fast to remove swirl marks, oxidation, and medium scratch marks.

This product leaves a smooth surface as it does not scratch so you don’t have to worry about how the car will look. You can work by hand or with a polisher to give your vehicle a clear and glossy finish. Not to mention, it can accomplish the scratch removal without the need for other abrasive products.

It can be of use with any type of paint as it is a rubbing compound that is clear and waterproof. If you worry about damaging the clear coat, Meguairs is safe and effective for any car’s paint surface. It is just perfect for most isolated scratch problems.

How To Choose The Right Car Scratch Remover ?

Understanding a Scratch

A swirl mark is a light scratch that is a result of using an excessively abrasive polish, washing or drying the car with a dirty cloth, or washing the car in a drive-through that is poorly maintained.

Most scratch removers on our list can strip such scratches down.

Other scratches that have penetrated beyond the clear coat are hard to correct. These scratches are a result of things like keys, car doors smashing on it, or neglecting to take care of the vehicle.

Types of Car Scratch Removers

1. Compound car scratch removers

These removers use a material which fills the scratch and reduces its appearance. It utilizes a polish material that erases the scratch. Such compound removers usually come with a polish or buff material which helps to stop the appearance of the scratch further.

2. Abrasive Removers

This type combines a polish and compound to remove the scratch on the layer. The scratch is then buffered so that it appears small and it eventually is not identifiable even when you look at it closely. This method is mostly recommended for people with car care experience.

Advantages of Car Scratch Removal

Repairing a car and getting rid of scratches comes with its benefits. These include;

1. Improves the look of the car

Whether you own a new car or a used one, removing scratches can improve its look considerably. No one likes their vehicle looking old while they could have everyone asking for a ride just by performing little touchups.

2. It prolongs the original paint

Maintaining your car’s exterior surface is crucial in preserving the manufacture’s paint. This should save you money performing constant touch-ups as scratch removal creates a protective layer. Depending on the depth of the scratch, whichever removal system you use, it should help in conserving the glossy look of even neglected cars.

Factors to Consider when Buying Car Scratch Removers

Buying a car scratch remover depends primarily on the type of blemish you are dealing with.

1. Clear Coat Scratch

Scratches get to the clear coat first. It is the outer layer of a colorless resin which protects the exterior surface of the car. Most car scratch removers can hide or remove clear coat scratches. They can restore luster, shine, and protection to the car’s outer surface.

2. Base Coat Scratch

This is the layer where your car’s paint is located. It gives a vehicle the good look you see on the road every day. A scratch that affects the base coat needs a scratch remover that matches the color of the car. The same procedure of removing a clear coat scratch is applied by brushing the base layer and following up with sanding the overrun to cover only the bottom of the scratch. You can then finalize by using the clear coat for a glossy finish.

3. Primer Coat Scratch

This is a neutral layer under the basecoat. If the scratching is deep enough to reach the primer coat but the bare metal is still covered, you are dealing with serious damage. You’ll need a scratch remover that replaces the primer coat. This procedure is then followed by the steps for scratch removal for the basecoat and clear coat.

For a step-to-step guide on removing car scratches, watch this video here

Here another detailed guide by popular mechanics about : How to Repair Car Scratch ?

4. Metal/Body layer

The body of the car lies deep within the many paint layers. If scratch goes that deep, it may be time to visit a body shop. This is because many scratch removers are not made to cover severe blemishes. At this point, your car will need repainting of the entire body to get it in great condition again.


Even though modern paint seems resilient to scratches, at some point, you’ll have to deal with one. Scratches are unsightly, and it’s important to repair them as soon as they happen.

After looking at the various car scratch removers on the market, the Meguiar’s G17216 Ultimate Compound is the best car scratch remover. It is a product we feel eases the work of car scratch removal. It gives you a clean, scratch-free look which is not always possible with traditional compounds. It polishes off mild to heavy oxidation leaving a smooth, glossy finish.