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2k Reviews

BG 44k PLATINUM Automotive Fuel System Cleaner Gasoline Additive

10 Best Fuel Injector Cleaners – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Fuel Injector Cleaners: Aside from homes, an automobile is often one’s most expensive possession they own. A car’s value goes beyond just being worth a lot of money however, as we rely on these to get places each and every day.

Because of this, proper maintenance and care is of the utmost importance. This not only keeps your car running better and more reliable, it also helps to prevent major repairs further down the line that could not only be expensive, but sideline you car for a number of days.

Best Overall: BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner

While most of us think proper car maintenance merely includes things like oil changes and tire rotation, the fuel system requires frequent care and attention as well.  That’s why a fuel cleaner system is worth it!!

As with most automotive products, the fuel system cleaner market is full of products, leaving buyers with a seemingly infinite amount of choices. This makes it overwhelming to determine what the best fuel injectors cleaners are.

We’ve done the work for you, analyzing and testing a wide range of products, and coming up with our recommendations for the 10 best fuel injector cleaners for 2020.

For those who may be unfamiliar with fuel injection system cleaners, we’ve got you covered there as well. Scroll down to learn what they are, why you need them, and how to use them.

BG’s 44K Fuel System Cleaner has been a long time favorite for those that like to look beyond the typical big brands of products you can find at a large retailer in the auto section. Often recommended by professionals for fuel injector cleaning, BVG 44K is serious stuff, working much quicker than some other products.

One can of BG 44K fuel additive will treat 20 gallons of gasoline. Smaller tanks can be accommodated as well, simply by reducing the amount used in proportion to the tank size. We’d recommend buying two at once if you have an average sized gas tank, in case you need to add a little more, or just have an extra can for the next time you need it.

This fuel system cleaner quickly cleans fuel injectors, valves and combustion chambers with a potent blend of chemicals that have been refined to offer a quick attack on any build up and deposits inside your fuel system.

It can easily restore your car’s performance and gas mileage, especially if you’ve noticed any lag or rough idling due to long periods in between fuel system cleanings.

BG 44K is fully compatible with all fuel system materials, alcohol-blended fuels, and common fuel additives, and also totally fine with 02 sensors and catalytic converters. Making it the best fuel system cleaner, that fits with injection system

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As one of the most fast-acting and potent fuel injector cleaners available, we especially recommend BG 44K for anyone that has gone for way too long since they’ve addressed their fuel system, or even if they never have at all.

STP has been a fixture in the automotive products industry for years and years. It’s no surprise that their Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner is not only one of the most popular, most effective but also one of the best fuel additives. All these things comes under a great price as well.

This particular product comes in a pack of two, so you have enough for the initial use and the next one, giving you a backup for when the next cleaning cycle comes around. Each bottle is 5.25ounces, and has an easy pour spout that makes the application to your gas tank quick and simple.

STP’s fuel system cleaner contains jet fuel, which is one of the most effective cleaning agents you can add to your fuel system. In just one bottle, you can make a huge difference with any build up and deposits, eve if you haven’t cleaned your fuel system in years.

There’s good news for anyone that has a capless gas tank too: the unique bottle design has been altered to be compatible with cap-less systems, saving you from having to spend time trying to find an easier way to get the product in your gas tank.

If you’re looking to save money, while still using a highly effective brand name product that comes with an additional bottle for your next use, STP 78577 is an excellent choice, regardless of your vehicle type.

Royal Purple specializes in products for fuel systems, along with many other engine additives as well. While their 18000 Max Atomizer may seem similar to some of their other products, its name actually hints exactly as to what it does: maximizing the atomizing of the fuel injector nozzle.

Royal Purple 18000 Max Atomizer specifically targets buildup around the fuel injector nozzle, helping it regain its original misting ability, thus improving fuel and engine performance. While many fuel injector cleaners are more of a holistic approach, this one is solely for the nozzle.

This allows Royal Purple to restore fuel economy, stabilize ethanol if you use gas containing it, maximize horsepower, and improve your engine’s responsiveness to the gas pedal.

Another great aspect to this product is how you can use it in both gasoline and diesel engines. Also, depending on the severity of your fuel deposits, Royal Purple 18000 may allow you to go longer in between cleanings due to its power and potency.

It’s hard to think of many other fuel system cleaners that are dead set on targeting just the injector nozzle, rather than hoping the chemicals clear them out as they are passing through. If you have significant build up, and want to limit your injector cleanings, this is one of the best injector cleaner on the list.

For those that prefer German-made products, Liqui Moly is a well known fuel injector cleaner that is very popular in and around Europe — and across the ocean as well. Liqui Moly is very cost effective, and works efficiently each time you add it to a tank.

Liqui Moly comes in a 300ml size, which comes out to around 10 ounces if you prefer to avoid the metric system. The can comes with  an attached pour spout that can be placed over the opening for easier access inside your gas tank, if needed.

This product is designed to address noticeable idling issues with your vehicle, or any loss of gas mileage, starting ability, and overall engine performance. One application should be enough to erase a good portion of sediment and build up in your fuel system, which includes the injectors.

As far as unique values offered, the price point is very attractive for the amount you get, and the included application nozzle is not something you always see either. Liqui Moly is also recommended for cars with catalytic converters.

If you are having mild to moderate issues in your car stemming from clogged fuel injectors, and you’d like to both fix and maintain your fuel system going forward with an affordable and user-friendly option, Liqui Moly is a suitable choice.

Lucas Oil is another example of a very popular brand on this list. While they may be more known for their oil products, fuel injector cleaner by lucas is one of the most recommended cleaners from professional mechanics, so it was an obvious inclusion.

Lucas Oil Deep Clean comes in a standard bottle, in increments of 16 ounces. The spout portion of the bottle should be skinny enough to fit down into most gas tanks, whether they are open or not.

This fuel system cleaner is blended with an exclusive additive package and specific carrier fluid that avoids using diesel fuel, kerosene, or anything other harmful or useless chemicals for an engine. It removes harmful carbon deposits, and can even silence knocking and pinging sounds from inside the engine.

Lucas fuel additive is effective in reducing nitrous oxide emissions, and eliminates the need for having to purchase more expensive, higher octane fuel, or any deep clean for the entire fuel system and combustion chamber at a mechanic.

Those who need to clear out a fuel system that hasn’t been treated in years will benefit from Lucas Oil Deep Clean, and making it a part of your regular maintenance can keep your injectors clear, and your car avoiding any deposit-related issues down the road.

As one of the most professionally-recommended fuel injector cleaning liquid on the planet, Chevron Techron is also one of the very few holistic fuel system treatments that still manages to target the fuel injectors and produce noticeable results.

This product comes in a 20 ounce container, which includes a skinny neck and spout that makes application very easy for any type of gas tank

For those wondering why we didn’t go with their Pro-Gard Fuel system Cleaner, the Techron product has 100% more of the active ingredient, along with other additives that help clean your entire fuel system.

Techron can clean, restore, and protect the fuel system as a whole, which includes the fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves and combustion chambers as well. It can work in any gasoline engine, including dirt bikes, boats, RV’s and more.

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Regular use of Techron can restore lost engine power and acceleration, while also addressing any lost fuel economy, or issues with your car’s fuel gauge sensor. It will also help reduce rough idling, engine surging, and that mushy feeling in your gas pedal.

Chevron Techron can be used to clean up neglected fuel systems, and works best when used every 3,000 miles, or with oil changes. This is easily one of the best fuel injector cleaners around.

3M’s Injector Cleaner is made to help resolve performance issues in cars experiencing problems from clogged fuel injectors. This formula takes a more targeted approach, focusing on the injector components, clearing out build up and deposits in just one use.

This product comes in a 16 ounce bottle, with one ounce treating one gallon of gas. The bottle is easy to pour without spilling.

3M Fuel Injector Cleaner can wash away gum, resin, and varnish deposits to provide an instant boost to your fuel economy, while also restoring overall engine power. Stalling and rough idling can also be eased with this product, especially with repeated use.

After the initial use, you’ll notice an improved throttle response that will make your car feel much newer, thanks to cleared injector nozzles that can spray properly again. Regular use will fully clean your injectors, and keep them that way.

3M Fuel system Cleaner may not have the big brand recognition of other products, but it as just as effective, and comes for a fair price. Any car experiencing fuel injector issues can benefit from a bottle of this.

Berryman is a time-tested company that has been putting out quality auto products for years on end. Their B-12 Chemtool fuel additive has been relied upon by mechanics and professionals for years.

This cleaner comes in a 15 ounce can that has an easy pour spout, making applications simple and free of any messes. It’s safe for any gas engines, and is also compatible with catalytic converters and oxygens sensors, so no worries there.

B-12 Chemtool contains 100% high-energy solvent technology, which not only helps keep injectors and carburetors clean, but intake ports and valves as well. The product works fast to disperse any moisture, while dissolving gum, varnish, and other fuel residues that hinder performance.

One use of Berryman B-12 Chemtool will have your car running much more smoothly, giving it a boost to fuel economy, easing rough idling, and giving back the appropriate amount of response to your gas pedal.

Berryman B-12 Chemtool is another great example of a fuel system cleaner that targets injector valves, while maintaining an affordable price, and a chemical makeup that lets you use it around every 3,00 miles. If you’re already a fan of Berryman products, or just want to go with a venerable brand, this is definitely for you.

Red Line specializes in additive products for autos, and their fuel injector cleaner may very well be the most popular one they make. The Red Line 60103 Complete Fuel System Cleaner is a very potent additive that offers versatility for regular users, and those needing to address some fuel system issues.

This particular bottle comes in a 15 ounce size, and has an ideal shape for easy application to your gas tank. A full bottle per tank is ideal for those who have gone a long time without cleaning their fuel system.

This product is a concentrated, detergent-based fuel additive that can clean injectors, while also providing cleaning for carburetors, valves and combustion chamber deposits. It uses a blend of the most powerful high-temp and low-temp detergents available to do so.

Red Line 60103 Complete Fuel System Cleaner can clean to nearly 100 percent efficiency in just one treatment, yet is also gentle enough to be used frequently if you continually use lower quality gasoline. It can reduces need for octane by up to two points.

This is a top seller each year for a reason. Red Line 60103 Complete Fuel System Cleaner should be at the top of your list, regardless of what you drive, or how severe your fuel injector issues may be.

For over 40 years, 104+ has been a heavily relied upon brand for engine and fuel system additives, and it’s common to see their products in professional mechanic’s garages at home. Fuel Injector Pro is a reliable and effective cleaner that targets fuel injector deposits.

It comes in a conventional 15.9 ounce plastic bottle, with an elongated neck that makes it easier to pour into your gas tank. If you have significant build up, or if it’s been years since your last cleaning, two bottle back to back in full tanks will work best.

Fuel Injector Pro utilizes advanced fuel system cleaning technology that’s designed to remove deposits from the entire fuel system, so this includes injectors, fuel lines, fuel filter, and and the fuel pump.

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After two uses, you can expect restored engine performance, increased power and torque, less emissions, and smoother idling. When you’ve done the initial cleaning, one bottle in your tank every oil change is an ideal way to keep your injectors and fuel system clean.

104+ is still going strong for a reason. Their Fuel Injector Pro can be used for noticable fuel injector issues, and as a way to maintain the fuel system once it’s clean. It’s hard to go wrong with this product.

Our Top Pick

While you can’t go wrong with any of these 10 fuel system cleaners, we do have to pick one as the best.

It was a lengthy process, but BG’s 44K Fuel System Cleaner came out as the best fuel injector cleaner. Its combination of price and effectiveness gives it the highest score out of our criteria, and its fast-acting nature was a big part as well.

BG’s 44K Fuel System Cleaner is great for cars that have long neglected to clean their injectors, and can usually rectify the related issues after one use. From there, using 44K Fuel System Cleaner regularly will keep your engine and injectors running at their best.

What is Fuel Injector Cleaner?

Simply put, fuel injection cleaner is a chemical liquid that is used to remove deposits and build up from your fuel system. By adding it to your gas tank, the chemicals will pass through the fuel system, and effectively remove much of the build up. 

Why do I need to Use Fuel Injector Cleaner?

To understand how to use fuel injector cleaners and why they are needed, one must first have a basic comprehension of how the fuel system works.

For the sake of time and space, we’ll offer a simple break down:

When fuel passes through your fuel system, the final part of the system is the fuel injectors. These can be described as a sort of nozzle that turns the liquid fuel into a very fine mist, similar to those misters you see on outdoor patios in the summer from time to time. (Source)

The tip of the injector’s nozzle needs to be as clear as possible in order to create a fine mist. When the injector is clean, and everything is working normally, the mist is fine enough to be efficiently used by the engine, where the mist is combusted into the energy needed to power the engine when the gas pedal is pushed.

Here’s where the problem comes in. Even when using the best gas additives with lowest amount of sediments present in them, the build up of minerals and deposits is inevitable.

Think of it like the shower head in your bathroom. Eventually, the minerals and deposits in your water can cause the shower head to clog. When this happens to your fuel injectors, a number of different issues can occur, including rough idling, low gas mileage, low acceleration, hard starts, and more.

Fuel system cleaner keeps these deposits in check, allowing your fuel injectors to remain efficient and more effective.

How do I Use Fuel Injector Cleaner?

The main concept with liquid fuel injectors is relatively the same among all products, although some may have more specific directions.

More often than not, you’ll need to fill your tank to about halfway, add the bottle of fuel injector, and fill the tank to full. As you drive and use the gas, your injectors will be cleaned by the time you’ve made your way through the tank.

Remember to always read the directions on the bottle. This ensures you’re using the right product for your model, and in the way the manufacturer intends.

How Often Should I Use Fuel Injector Cleaner?

Opinions vary on this, with some saying to use the cleaner monthly, while other say to make it a rare occasion.

However, most mechanics we’ve talked to recommend fuel injection cleaner be used every 30,000 miles, or at least twice a year, or after long trips totaling over 1,000 miles driven.

Keep in mind that you can also have your fuel injectors cleaned professionally by a mechanic, which involves them removing the duel system and using a machine to clean the injectors. This is recommended every 36 months, with liquid cleaner being used several times in between.