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2k Reviews

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

6 Best Drones With Camera for Amazing Experience

Did you ever go “Woah!” watching a video of a bird’s eye view of something?

You probably know it’s done through a Drone Camera.

Want to know which ones are the best to buy?

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Choosing the best drone with a camera is a messy task when so many big brands claim to have the best drone but we have done the HARD WORK for you and compiled a list of 10 decent drones of 2018. Here we go!!

Top 6 Picks For Best Drones

DJI Mavic Pro – The Best Drone With Camera

For drone industry enthusiasts, the name DJI is synonymous with the word camera drone itself. Quite literally! So, when we took out DJI’s latest offering, the Mavic Pro for a spin, we came across its formidable imaging capabilities of grabbing HD footage even when we were up to 7 Kilometres away!

That being said, here’s a comprehensive lowdown on why DJI Mavic Pro is the best drone camera in 2018.

Perfect Surveying Companion

Given its lucrative price, this drone is a maverick at professional aerial imaging with complete app control options via a free app on Android and iOS to let revelers compose the perfect shot whilst on the go.

Wind Cheater Beast

One feature that propels the DJI Mavic Pro to the top rung is its ability to withstand ferocious winds up to 29-38 KPH with ease and grace. We did try it out in the open on a blustery day and figured it managed to keep the camera steady for a good period of time without any glitches whatsoever.

Superior Camera Action

Packed with a nifty 12 MP camera that can record 4k resolution video at 30 fps (frame per second) and 1080p at 96 fps, this grand new DJI drone even lets you snag some slick selfies via hand motions in the newly introduced gesture mode on the controller.

At $1,000, the DJI Mavic pro is the gem of camera drones that can single-handedly take care of all your needs seamlessly. Be it for recording some adrenaline kicking sporting action or a cinematic video shoot, the Mavic Pro is leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors. If you are looking for cheap drones then this might not be the right choice for you as its currently the most expensive drone on the list.

Be it for recording some adrenaline kicking sporting action or a cinematic video shoot, the Mavic Pro is leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors. If you are looking for cheap drones then this might not be the right choice for you as its currently the most expensive drone on the list.

Finest Consumer Oriented Drone Phantom 4

DJI has done it again! The industry leader has yet another swashbuckling drone up its sleeve. This time the name of the game is the Phantom 4.

Coming at a little less than $1000, the DJI drone Phantom 4 has upped the ante on its rivals by introducing a good alternative to its very own “The Mavic Pro” the so called “best drone with camera.”

Killer Camera

To start with, the camera is so awesome, it will blow your mind. Capturing 4K footage with an aerial view at 60fps has become a reality with DJI’s veritable new offering aka the Phantom 4.

Add to the mix a slow-motion video recording option at 60fps and we have a clear cracker of a drone in our hands.

If you’re bogged down by space constraints on its 16GB memory card, you can lower the video recording to 1080p to do some slick videography at 48, 50 and 60 fps! Besides, photo aficionados can save their snaps in JPEG and RAW DNG formats using its fancy 12MP camera.

State-of-the-art controller

The Phantom 4 drone has a menacing 5.5-inch screen on its controller that gives any smartphone a jolly good run for the money (if screen sizes were to be compared). Oh, did we forget to talk about the brightness of the display? It’s spellbinding, enough said!

Obstacle Sensing System and multiple flight modes

Arguably the USP of this quadcopter, the four-sided obstacle sensing system can track subjects and avert collisions on the fly. Don’t believe us, eh?

Just fly around a hell lot of pine trees with long, slender branches and you’ll realize the deftness with which the OSS lets the drone (Phantom 4) maneuver itself with pristine flexibility by stopping just short of coming into a collision course with them.

The incredible controller also provides multiple flight modes such as Sports mode that lets you get to your location faster. There is an autonomous mode, too, vis-à-vis for autonomous flying experience among other options that bestow the DJI phantom 4 with a multitude of perks.

Durable Battery

The hefty battery backs up this supremely crafted quadcopter aloft for up to a staggering 30 minutes. The recharge time doesn’t disappoint either. After 75 minutes of turbo charging, your quadcopter is ready to be flown at speeds of up to 72 kph!

Syma X5C: One Of The Best Drones Under 100

If you are a complete novice with little to zilch experience in flying a drone, it’s prudent to start off with a small, and inexpensive, yet great machine.

And, this is where the Syma X5C comes into play as the perfect gateway to the drone universe offering nothing sophisticated or cryptic that will knock your socks off.

A Cheap steel and worthwhile

To be fair, don’t expect too much from this little monster vis-à-vis features, although it does not disappoint on the deliverability front and gives its expensive counterparts such as the DJI Phantom a hefty run for the money on yardsticks such as durability and light wind resistance.

Robust Wi-Fi Connectivity

All you connectivity nerds aching for a first person view on your smartphones fear not! The X5C also comes packed with a Wi-Fi camera that can be paired with both iOS and Android smartphones on the go in a jiffy.

Lightweight wind warrior

Also famously known as a toy drone and weighing at a paltry 2.1 pounds (less than a kg!), the Syma X5C is stacked with a seven-minute flight time ably backed by a 90-minute recharge time.

Moreover, thanks to its wind-resistant sturdy build, this quadcopter can be flown both indoors and outdoors. Doesn’t it sound like a match made in heaven for novices who would want to try it out in their yards to get that “first drone buzz”?

Stacked with a 720p HD camera and 2GB memory card, the Syma X5C can snag photos and videos whilst in flight mode maintaining utmost stability thanks to a six-axis gyro stabilization, but on the quality front, it’s just well, run of the mill.

Also, please don’t fly it too high especially when outdoors because, as we discovered, it can’t quite handle too much wind disturbances efficiently. Nevertheless, don’t forget this cheeky little savage costs less than $50!

Amazing Mini-Drone: Hubsan H107C+HD

Sometimes, good things come bundled in small packages. With the Hubsan H107C HD, miniature camera drones have given a new definition to “flying with fun.” If you are running short on time, or cash to splurge on a more pricey model, the Hubsan H107C+ HD is your best bet yet.

Although it comes packed with a meager seven minutes of flying time, the silver lining lies in its ability to recharge and power up in just about 40 minutes without any hassles.

Well worth its price tag

Furthermore, propelled by a 720p camera, the Hubsan H107C quadcopter can capture almost everything without an iota of compromise on quality.

The icing on the cake, however, are some innate features such as “Altitude hold,” which facilitate a stable and glitch free flight time. That’s quite a lot of goodies for a ready-to-fly drone considering its price tag of less than $50!

Aerobatics Master

Small, sleek and packed with looks that could make you swoon, the H107C is renowned for displaying exhilarating aerobatics. Ably assisted by a PS3 joystick resembling remote controller, the X4 can perform fascinating forward and backward flips with a flick of the sticks.

Loaded with a flexible gyroscope sensitivity, this quadcopter offers agile flying and can hover in six angles. So much so, without much aerial maneuvering, the H107C comes to a steady halt by landing on its rubberized feet almost effortlessly.

Solid Remote Controller

Apart from some of the aforementioned features, the remote controller boasts of a bright LED display that lets you move the drone in the sky with precision.

Then, there’s the throttle position indicator which pretty much tells you how much throttle you need to reach a certain height. The throttle percentage is displayed on the LED screen and can be tweaked around to attain favorable results.

Extremely Portable

Thanks to its mini dimensions, this drone can easily fit into a pocket with ease and grace while the traveler in you is on an expedition to some far-off exotic lands. It’s, without a doubt, a solid companion for novice drone enthusiasts to hone their aerial photography and flying skills.

The Best All-Around Drone In The Market: Parrot Bebop Drone 2

This gem of a drone has all the built-in features of its counterparts. This is why it’s an all-rounder trailblazer. But, if you are looking for some sort of a niche specialty, you’re sorely mistaken. We go into details right below-:

Small and beautiful

The Parrot Bebop Drone 2 is small enough to easily fit in your backpack and boasts of a solid battery, which is durable.

Bolstered by propellers that stop the moment they sense an obstruction, the Bebop Drone 2 can make amazing barrel rolls and backflips to make flying an endearing experience.

Digitally Suave

The sci-fitness of the Bebop 2 is validated by the fact that it can be piloted around with third party Bluetooth controllers. Also, the sky controller has an amplified Wi-Fi radio allowing you the chance to soar up to 2 kilometers in the sky.

There’s an HDMI output too that hooks you up to an external display screen with headsets that provide an immersive first person view.

Skycontroller Remote

As the name suggests, Bebop 2 boasts a swanky controller LED screen flanked by two joysticks on either side which makes it easier for newbies to control the drone.

Moreover, now you can make banked turns in a jiffy, kudos to the stability that the Bebop 2 provides on the fly no matter whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

So much so, you don’t have to heavily rely on the sky controller for physical controls. Just get your hands on any cheap Bluetooth gaming controller and through that pilot this awesome camera drone via your smartphone!

Relatively Cheaper

At $500, this quadcopter comes at a jaw-dropping price similar to that of DJI Phantom 3 standard. At double the price, you wouldn’t get any drone with a camera that comes loaded with the features as this one does.

Coupled with the fact that it can be flown up to 985 feet away and we have a very solid contender for the best drone for beginners.

3D Robotics Solo: Professionals’ Videography Partner

Ever wondered what a professional drone geek’s favorite quad copter looks like? It should be somewhat similar to the 3D Robotics Solo, we reckon. When it comes to buying the best drone with camera, this is what professional’s will be willing to go with. Without going further into semantics let’s dive right into its features.

GoPro Camera

For pros itching to capture some footage to their aerial exploits, the Robotics solo is one of the best camera drones that can capture dramatic vistas at 4k resolution. Backed by a responsive remote and top-notch flight modes, drone videography sounds like a phenomenal hobby.

Modification Scope

Thanks to the open source nature of the device, any professional DIY hobbyist can tinker and tweak around their way to suit it to the best of their needs.

Quality Battery

The Roblox Solo comes equipped with a modest flight time of 25 minutes. After nearly over 1.5 hours, this bad boy replenishes its top shape and can be taken out for a spin with a bit more gusto all you want.

Simple Controller

The controller seems to be built with the straight aim of easing navigation for the user. Devoid of the plethora of unnecessary buttons that more or less perform the same function in most other controllers, this controller comprises of two joysticks for controlling acceleration, pitch, etc.

Besides, for auto mode, there’s a “Fly” button that makes the process of landing and taking off as automated as plausible. Then, there’s the “pause” button that pauses the Roblox in its tracks in case of an emergency.

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