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2k Reviews

Best Electric Shaver for Head Silver Braun Series 9 9095CC

Best Electric Shaver for Head & Sensitive Skin – Reviews and Recommendations

Lately, Electric Shavers have become a man’s go-to grooming tool, for how they have made shaving a whole lot easier and quicker. If you’re done with the lather-making act and want shaving on the fly, electric shavers are here to help.

You might hit a store, buying one for yourself, or seeking a replacement for the old one. This is when you should read this guide.

We’ve worked during the week to experiment with a couple of best electric shavers in the market and come out with details you should definitely know.

Read our review to pick the best one for yourself!

Best Overall: Braun Series 9

We have tested all the razors and recommend you Braun Series 9 9095CC. If you are looking for a smooth and fast dry shave this Electric Razor is the best fit.

Braun is a popular German brand that has distinguished itself over the years for making some of the best cordless shavers. The fact that Braun shavers are one of the few that shave in straight lines (most shave in circles) is an indicator of just how effective these machines are.

Shaving in straight lines and against the grain is recommended as a remedy to help reduce lacerations, or the unsightly pimples known medically as Pseudofollicalitis Barbae; common under the chin, back of the head, or even on the cheeks for some people after shaving. The Braun Series 9 9095CC deserved a top spot in our list for several reasons. Most importantly, it offers both dry and wet shaving capabilities. This combined with its stylish and attractive appearance means it’s a shaver you can easily move around with.


1. It has wet and dry shaving capabilities: You are assured of a smooth and fast dry shave.

2. Stylish and attractive design; this shaver also comes in a stylish and unique design. It’s sleek, it’s attractive, and to crown it all, it has an LCD indicator (blue in color). The feel and grip are just so right; can never slip of fall in the sink or floor when held with soapy hands.

3. No Discomfort: it offers pure comfort and no razor burns after use.


1. High buzzing sound; sure, the buzzing is slightly higher compared to other shavers of its generation.

2. Slightly expensive; again, the Braun Series 9 9095CC is one of the few that go for the $ 400 plus mark.


My honest take would be that the Braun Series 9 9095CC is a rare gem, on a scale of 1 to 10 I’d give it 9 and hence a rightful position in the best electric trimmers list. Germans brands are durable and respected all over the world (compared to Chinese brands that are cheap and last a few weeks).

Second on our list is another Braun series, only that this is a different series. In fact, most websites will list the Braun Series 7 at the top of the best electric razor reviews list. But well, we decided to give it a second place for the simple fact that it lacks dry and wet shaving capabilities. Otherwise, save for that downside, this is one shaver we’d recommend anytime, any day. It has 3 trimmers that offer a very close and smooth shave; you are sure that for fewer strokes, the shaver is able to cover more facial hair. Another amazing thing we found out with this shaver is that you can personalize it into 3 modes, depending on your skin type; Normal, Extensive, Extra sensitive. And finally, you’re also able to customize the trimmers when shaving your mustache, beards, or the sideburns. Trust the Germans to give it to you technologically, exactly as it suits you.


1. It’s cordless and has a solid feel, it’s affordable, and also budget friendly.

2. Like mentioned, it has personalization modes; this is good news for people with sensitive skin since they’ll just need to adjust the shaver to what suits them.

3. It has an automatic cleaning mechanism that’s capable of killing 99% of any germs lingering.


1. Lacks dry and wet shaving capabilities.

2. Higher Noise levels: beauty has been said to be in the eyes of the beholder and on the same breath, let me add that a shaver’s noise levels will depend on the user. That said, from comparing our Series 7 with other shavers, we can gladly attest to its slightly high noise levels. Even after going through a lot of expert customer reviews, you’ll notice that most users point out the noise levels as their major concern.

3. Another thing worth noting is that the Braun 7 shaver doesn’t work very well with shaving gel and cream.


Really, the only downside to the Braun Series 7 is that it lacks the duo shaving mechanism, that is both dry and wet shaving. That aside, it’s affordable and ideal for anyone on a tight budget (under $200). The fact that it has triple trimmers means that you won’t have to keep going on the same spot over and over again; this often causes skin irritation. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give this brand around 8

Philips electric shavers are the leaders when it comes to rotary shaving, whereby you take the shaver in slow circular motions, like you would when applying a lotion on your face. Rotary shaving is common in shaving the face and cheeks, as it smoothens thoroughly without irritating the skin. The Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D is a leader in this category. This brand has 3 independent foils, each with rotating blades; each foil can be tilted upward or downward, so as to reach all contours of your face or head when shaving.  The 3D used in its name, is used in reference to the ability of the 3 foils and blades to be independently tilted or spun. This is the best best foil shaver in the market.


1. It’s affordable: The Norelco 7100 series is not among the most expensive shavers and rightly so, for it has no automatic cleaning system.

2. You Can Save Power: thanks to the power save mode in this shaver, you can charge your Norelco shaver and shave for a full hour before needing a recharge. By using the auto travel lock in this shaver, you are assured of a smooth travel. Most Philip shavers lack the, latter function, making them switch on while in the bag pack; and the result is no charge, hence no shaving when you arrive at your destination.

3. Longer Shave Time: When compared to other shavers, this model has a shaving capability of 60 minutes (most boast of a 50 minute long duration).

4. Durable: the Norelco 7100 shaver will serve you for up to 2 years if only with proper maintenance. You just need to ensure that you replace the blades every year. The Battery life on the other hand can last you many years as long as you avoid frequent small charges and long-time shaving.


1. For all its affordability and functionality, the Norelco 7100 is poorly built; it has plastic and rubber everywhere.

2. Secondly, the battery is not replaceable, while spare parts are hard to find (seems this is a common trait with all Phillips brands). This means that if the battery were to develop a problem, you’d have to throw away or do away with this shaver, no matter how new or effective you find it.


This shaver looks great, but its feel is cheap (remember it is all rubber and plastic). Plus, if the battery developed problems, you’d have to replace the whole shaver since batteries are not removable. Perhaps 7, on a scale of 1 to 10 would be my honest ranking in the list of best electric beard trim

When it comes to close shaving, the Panasonic Arc 5 is your best bet. This is especially so for people with long and thick beards that call for a more robust shaver. The Arc 5 has 5 blades and a LED display to show you among other things, the battery life. But is that all, what else makes the Arc 5 get a top spot on our list? Well, technology. Panasonic is a Japanese brand, and the technical prowess of the Arc is quite evident. Most shavers have a problem reaching flat lying hair, with some brands attempting to cushion their blades with a foil in order to try and straighten such hair. But the Panasonic has tacked this cleverly, what with what’s known as a One-lift Tech Trimmer. This captures all hairs lying flat and straightens it for the blades to trim; this technology is also able to trim ingrown hairs.


1. It has wet and dry shaving capabilities.

2. It’s the best electric razor in the market for close shaving. Especially ideal for tough or heavy beards.

3. It has a pivoting head, not to forget the 5 trimmers that give it its name, Arc 5. With the 5 blades, you can be sure that even hair growing in different directions will be trimmed with one movement.


1. Comfort is the major challenge with this shaver. If you have sensitive skin, then the extensiveness with which this shaver does its work may leave you itchy.

2. Again, the head of the shaver is somewhat bulky, not just in appearance but also when shaving. You’ll feel the awkwardness of a bulky head when you try to stick the shaver under the neck to reach the tiniest hairs along the contours.


Frankly, I wouldn’t recommend the Panasonic Arc 5 to you, unless your beard is really long and heavy. Period. On a scale of 1to 10, I’d perhaps put it at 6.

The Arc 4 closes the list of top 5 electric shavers. It’s so similar to the Arc 5, only that this has 4 blades. Really, there isn’t much to add to this shaver, it’s just a slightly inferior version of the Arc 5; lesser battery life, lesser blades, and so on so forth.


1. The main advantage of this shaver has to do with its durability and sharpness of blades; this makes it ideal for sensitive skins that don’t require much movement on same area.

2. It’s also very affordable, one of the best close shaving machines on a tight budget.

3. Thirdly, it includes LED display panel that shows the battery life even as you shave.

4. The Arc 5 is also noticeably more stylish in its make, and has a good feel or grip when shaving. It’s less bulky than its Arc 5 competitor.


1. The Panasonic Arc 4 may be a good shaver but it doesn’t have a cleaning or charging dock. The absence of these two is what has made it so budget friendly.


On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it 5. Not the best there is, but likewise, not the worst out there. If you’re on a tight budget and are looking for something to make do with, no harm in trying the Arc 5. But if your budget allows, I’d suggest you go for some of our top suggestions like Braun Series 7 or 9.
Philips Norelco AT830 has been there since 2012 and is now the 3800. It still remains a popular pick for many. It is budget friendly, it’s smooth and very comfortable when shaving, plus we realized that it’s quieter than most brands (including those that cost more). The 3800 also has dry and wet shave capabilities, which is a huge plus. These features, plus the fact that it’s more comfortable makes this shaver a popular preference for many. Add the long battery life and you’ll realize why this brand merits a spot as number 6.


1. The motor is one of the best ever, making the shaver very quiet when shaving.

2. It has wet and dry shave capabilities, as well as duo precision.

3. Easy to clean, affordable, and a long battery life (60 minutes).

4. Very comfortable and thus ideal for sensitive skin.


1. The pivoting head isn’t as functional as one would expect. It can thus get tricky when you’re trying to target specific contours on your neck or face when shaving.

2. It has a basic, almost rudimentary look; the manufacturer did very little if anything, to enhance its aesthetic appeal.


To be fair to the 3800, it’s a great shaver for a tight budget. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it 5;average keeping in mind the other choices on our list of best electric shavers.

Another Norelco Series, and you can always count on the Norelco to innovate and inject creativity in their brands. The Norelco 2300 is worth a spot in the top 10, for the simple fact that it incorporates ComfortCut Blades for a clean smooth shave that will not burn or nick your skin. The 4D Flex Heads glide over the inperfect contour shape of your face to give you a clean and quality shave.


1. It’s self sharpening blades mean a pain free shave everytime.

2. The pop-up trimmer gives it the versatility to trim the side burns, beard and mustache. 

3. Easy to clean with a One touch opening. The floating heads cut in 4 directions giving maximum comfort while shaving. 

4. Great look, stylish design


1. It is a dry only razor and does not come with a storage pouch.


The Philips Norelco Shaver 2300 is a good bargain. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it 5 because it’s average; functional and useful, but with an annoyingly short battery life.Th

Wahl is an American brand, very popular in most barbershops. But why didn’t we give it spot at the top? American brands are also deemed superior, almost next to German products, if not better. Yet, we ranked the 8061 as number 8? Well, Wahl 8061 is notorious for two things; too much noise and vibrations plus overheating very fast. The overheating part is especially important, since it doesn’t just give you a red face, it also leaves your skin feeling irritated. In terms of providing a smooth shave, the 8061 gets much credit. The battery life is also impressive, making it very ideal for users who’re on the move.


1. Hypoallergenic foil heads, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

2. It is budget friendly, durable, and the battery life is impressive.

3. Nice design, and easy to clean


1. You’ll be disappointed to note that this shaver heats up within a few minutes.

2. It’s also noisy and with high, uncomfortable vibrations.

3. It doesn’t have dry and wet shave capabilities.


Wahl Professional 8061 is a favourite in most barber shops, it’s very ideal or people with shorter hair. If you shave daily or regularly, then you’ll find this shaver useful. These all factors have put Wahl 8061 Pro On the 9th spot.

We mentioned the Panasonic Arc 5, Arc 4, and now we have the Arc 3! Extremely affordable (under $ 80), capable of providing a close shave, and with dry/wet shave capabilities, this is one shaver that you can never go wrong with; at least if you’re on a tight budget and are looking for a good shaver to do with. You’re always assured of a smooth and close shave, and the blades are hypoallergenic.


1. The hypoallergenic blades will come in handy for any sensitive skin during shaving.

2. Extremely low priced, but with great features like LCD display, and dry/wet shave capabilities.


1. This Panasonic Arc 3 doesn’t have a cleaning or charging dock. You’ll thus have to consider cleaning the shaver manually.

2. The vibrations are also somewhat loud.


The Arc 3 may be ranked number 9 in this list, but it’s a shaver I’d recommend any day. Very few shavers under $ 70 have as impressive features as this Panasonic series. In fact, the only reason this shaver is so lowly priced isn’t because it has inferior features, or doesn’t offer comfort during a close shave; it’s just that it doesn’t have a cleaning and charging dock, just that! Otherwise, in terms of functionality and comfort, it’s a nice shaver.

Remington are pioneers, they were among the first to come up with cordless shavers that are rechargeable. In a way, the F5-5800 is no different from the traditional non-electric shavers that were basic and simple; with this brand, you can easily dismantle the head and clean it manually. That’s not all; for a shaver that sells for under $ 50, it’s worth mentioning that the F5-5800 is extremely comfortable, and irritation free. That’s one of the most commendable features we established about this brand despite ranking it last.


1. This is one smooth and comfortable shaver, even when compared to more expensive brands in this list.

2. It’s affordable (it will cost you under $30)

3. Has pivot head, making it very effective when trimming and shaving on contours


1. Too much cheap plastic used in the shaver’s body, and too much noise when shaving. One may argue that the plastic make makes them light and comfy when holding; but they are equally brittle and won’t survive a fall on a hard surface like a bathroom floor.

2. Secondly, you’ll need to brace yourself for constant replacements of the blades (after almost every 2-3 months).


The Remington F5-5800 closes the list of the top 10 electric shavers. It combines functionality with affordability; but it performs poorly in terms of durability. It’s a balance between an affordable shaver, but also one that will require additional money to replace and maintain the blades. This should remind you of the old adage that cheap is expensive.

Quick Buying guide

Having mentioned the 10 top rated electric shavers, it would be incomplete if I left you hanging and without a summary of all we mentioned.

Clearly, you’ve seen that in our reviews, we paid much attention to the user experience, comfort, as well the functionality of the shaver (things like battery life, water resistance, noise of the motor, etc).

At the end of the day, you’ll need to carefully weigh the list above before picking a shaver of your choice.

1. What is your greatest driving force when making a choice, are you constantly on the move? You’d thus need a shaver with a long battery life.

2. Or is it the sensitivity of your skin that’s the greatest consideration?

3. Or you’re looking for a shaver with the least noise and vibrations?

Whatever the case, you’ll need to consider several factors, and buy the best electric shaver you feel comes closest to your specifications. No one shaver will meet all your specifications, without having a downside to it.

So, all the best! Feel free to share your experiences with us, or leave a comment regarding a brand or point you feel we left out.