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Torque Wrench

Best Torque Wrenches for the Money – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Torque Wrenches: After evaluating a wide variety of torque wrenches, we recommend the TEKTON 24335 ½Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench as the best torque wrench for most people. It is a versatile wrench sized for gardening equipment like lawn mowers, and also great for working on trucks and cars. It is calibrated to an accuracy of +/-4 to ensure you tighten fasteners without the chance of damaging the parts. With an all-steel construction and no plastic parts, you can be sure you are investing a high-quality wrench.

Best Overall: TEKTON 24335 ½Inch Drive Torque Wrench

It gets rid of all the guesswork involved in tightening fasteners. It’s a model from the most sought brand, and it is made from high-quality materials. This torque wrench is incredibly easy to use, with great accuracy for quick work.

Whether you want a wrench for daily or occasional use, TEKTON 2355 is the ideal tool. When you are a mechanic, plumber, or you just want a wrench for home use, this particular model will work on common equipment. It is your go-to for maintenance tasks on cars and trucks the same.

With a non-slip handle, the TEKTON 24335 gives you more control as you tighten fasteners. The torque is selectable in either inch-pound or Newton Meter. It can reach a maximum torque of 150 lbs so it will be excellent on mid-size bolts and nuts, transmission mounts and engine mounts.


  • Easy-to-read, dual-range scale
  • Knurled non-slip handle
  • Durable construction with no plastic parts
  • Produces audible clicks
  • Pre-calibrated to +/-4% accuracy
  • Reversible in both directions


  • It offers less torque of up to only 150 pounds

For Mechanics and DIYs, here’s the CDI 2503MFRFM model to fulfill your fastening needs. It is an innovative product which comes with quick release buttons to facilitate socket removal and torque retention.

With this industrial-standard impact wrench, you will be able to get quick work done on motorcycles and cars. It bears a heavy-duty construction with a lightly knurled non-slip grip. You can tighten bolts even with wet hands, and you’ll never risk loose or too tight bolts.
This model offers a high torque capacity of up 250 pounds. It provides more possibilities to work with large trucks that have oversized bolts. It is easy to read the laser marked scales making it fast to choose the torque you need. You can set the torque levels according to the force you require on the nut. You’ll also be able to down or up the scale according to the level you need.


  • Quick release buttons for dependable socket retention
  • Laser marked dual scales
  • It offers adjustable strengths
  • It is an industrial standard wrench
  • Convenience operation through pull-down lock ring


  • It has an expensive price tag

Perhaps the most accurate torque wrench is the Performance Tool M195. This model gives you accurate readings as it shows deflection as you turn the bolt. It is incredibly easy to use, and you’ll never have to take it back to the manufacturer for recalibration.

It resists bending thanks to the hard spring steel beam. If you are an automobile enthusiast, this here will perform with excellence since it has a floating handle. You will love how quick it can give you precise torque application, as it exerts pressure when you rotate the handle.

It’s unlike the TEKTON or CID wrenches which require twisting of the hand. With this, you will get better at DIY projects. It will be useful for gunsmithing or on carbon fiber bicycles.


  • Beam-style performance
  • It has both clockwise and anti-clockwise measurements
  • Rounded handle for precise control and better localization of force
  • It shows torque with a pointer
  • Never have to be recalibrated


  • You can’t see torque in advance

VENZO Bicycle Torque Wrench is a must-have for installing bicycle parts and bolts. The set contains the essential bits for carbon bicycle maintenance. This tool has seven different Allen keys so you can select the key that’s ideal for a specific job. You will be able to apply just the right amount of pressure, so you won’t leave parts loose or apply too much torque hence damaging springs.

This tool is also calibrated to +/-4% accuracy like the other top torque wrenches on this list. But unlike the other brands, this wrench does not produce a very audible click sound when you reach the desired torque. Instead, the handle tilts so you can know the torque is enough. This may be a disadvantage if you are not very careful because you may not notice it has skipped which may lead to over-tightening.


  • It has convenient sockets
  • Has release button on the head
  • Great for carbon frames
  • Covers installation of most bike parts
  • It has a pre-set lock ring
  • Includes all common bits


  • You have to feel the click to know when the wrench reaches its pre-set value

This beam torque wrench comes in a simple design which is reflected in the price. The Performance Tool W3001 is applicable in lots of situations from vehicles to motorcycles, and even industrial equipment. As long as is it is the right size for your needs; this unit will perform with the precision needed.

This model reads range in ft/lb which is probably common in many mechanic shops. You can view the gauge directly as you tighten so that you won’t skip the recommended torque. Not to mention, it has a ball-type handle that localizes force hence you can achieve better accuracy.

This tool maintains its accuracy in the long run. It does not wear or show signs of stress making it suitable for everyday jobs without ever thinking of taking it back to the manufacturer.


  • Provides small increments of 1ft/lb
  • Measures torque in real time
  • You can see when you reach the right torque
  • It has a corrosion resistant material


  • It is difficult to reset it

The EPAuto ¼Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench is a well-built model that comes at an affordable price. It has two metric scales that allow choosing of the torque from 20-200 in./pounds or 2.26-22.6 N/m. This means you won’t be consulting a conversion chart when you want to get work done in the fastest time possible.

This wrench will last a couple of decades owing to the durable ratchet head. It is corrosion-resistant, and it even has a glossy satin finish. The EPAuto ¼Inch is designed for every situation where you may be using short nuts and bolts. It allows working on the little screws that are found in motorcycles or cars.


  • You can hear and feel the click sound
  • Non-slip grip for greasy situations
  • Hardened with steel for long-term use
  • Easy to read the high-contrast dual-range scale


  • It needs constant maintenance for accurate results

Every automotive technician needs a torque wrench when dealing with delicate parts. The Neiko 03713A may be your best fit as it has low torque range from 10-80 Ft/lb. This tool is the smallest but also the most versatile in terms of drive sizes. When compared to the other competing models we have looked at; this one can handle light trucks and cars.

It is easily adjustable using lock and unlock adjustments. It has a narrow neck for getting into tight spots which further increases its usability. It can tighten in clockwise and anti-clockwise as it is reversible. You will find it comfortable to use seeing that it is only 14 inches long which is neither too long nor too short.

With this torque wrench, you can count on making safe and secure tightening jobs.


  • It has distinct low torque setting for delicate situations
  • Made from durable vanadium steel
  • It has a switch for either the right or the left direction
  • Torque is selectable from 10-80 foot-pounds
  • It’s a mid-size product


  • It’s not ideal for large bolts

The Pittsburg Pro 239 Professional is the ideal torque wrench for beginners. It bears a simplistic design which makes it easy to handle. It has the perks for a dependable tool from the loud click indicator to the heavy-duty cam and pawl mechanism. It has a small range of torque meaning it is great in the hands of hobbyists when you are learning a few tricks when using a wrench.

This model is also reversible so it can rotate both ways. It feels solid in the hands since the length is comfortable to use in many applications. With the ½ inch size alongside a heavy build, this torque wrench is useful in repairs or tightening lug nuts on your car’s tires.


  • Loud click indicator
  • Cheap but gets the job done
  • Reversible ratchet head
  • Dependable for daily automotive tasks
  • Works smoothly due to heavy-duty cam and pawl mechanism


  • It is not the most robust torque wrench

As always precision is vital since you need to get the range right when tightening bolts and nuts. Precision Instruments produces some of the most dependable products. This torque wrench will not need to be calibrated during storage. It will retain its torque for future usage. Seeing that it has a long handle, you get to use it in many applications.

This model is a relatively inexpensive, and it will be great for both home and professional use. With the split beam design, this model is much better than working with a micrometer style clock wrench. It also comes with an adjustment knob to get rid of spring tension.

Precision Instruments provides both speed and efficiency. Its torque mechanism is innovative, effortless to use, and sets up quickly.


  • Split beam design
  • Speedy movements
  • Reliable precision
  • Efficient for all job types
  • No need to turn down torque


  • It only works in the clockwise direction

If you are looking for the most effortless torque wrench, then you are better off with a digital model. The ACDelco ARM60 uses advanced technology to eliminate guesswork in tightening fasteners. It is equipped with four measurement scales and three standard settings. These include; torque, mode, and measurement settings.

Its digital design consists of an LCD screen to show the measurements. It’s quite straightforward to set as it has foot-pound and Newton-meter torque settings. The screen displays values in real time hence you will be able to make appropriate changes without doing it manually.
This torque is great for small jobs. If you want everyday repairs of small bikes, this is your ideal pick.


  • It has peak and trace modes
  • LED flash and buzzer alerts you when torque is achieved
  • Values are in real time
  • Small torque range for small jobs
  • Comfortable grip handle


  • It is not supplied with the batteries

How did we Choose the Best Torque Wrenches

Before compiling this list, we had to research dozens of torque wrenches. Only the models with the most important features made to our list. We consulted several tech sites including wiki.ezvid, toptooladvisor, and garagechief.

Why is it essential to use a Best Torque Wrenches?

A torque wrench is designed to tighten bolts to a correct tightness. When working with a wide range of automobiles like cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. you will need to apply the right torque as recommended by the manufacturer.

How to Choose a Torque Wrench?

Finding the right tool is half the battle for a perfect job. That’s why you will need to know what to look for.

1. Range

Here, we are talking about the three different types of range from low to upper range. Low range torque wrenches have a torque capacity of 15-75 ft/lb. These are considered as multipurpose tools for motorbikes since they will work with most fasteners including spark plugs, oil drain plugs, and valve cover bolts.

Middle range torque wrenches are ideal for more extensive work like assemblies. They will work on trucks and light trailers like when tightening bolts of a trailer hitch or working on the suspension.

High range or upper range torque wrenches come with a range of over 120 ft/lb. They are the most useful for trailer mechanics as they can carry out the most demanding tasks like harmonic balancers, tightening bearings, and transfer casings.

2. Size

Depending on the automobile you will be working on, size is another serious consideration. This is because working on dirt bikes will not be the same as working on trucks.

  • 3/8 inch drive – This torque wrench will have a range of between 15 and 75 ft/lb. It is the most versatile with a capability to fasten nuts and bolts on cars and trucks. It can accomplish most needs hence it is great for everyday tasks.
  • ¼ inch drive – This type of torque wrench will come with a torque range of 4-21 ft/lb or 50-250 inch pound. It is useful for tightening bolts on cars and motorcycles.
  • ½ inch drive – With a torque range of 30-250 ft/lb, this torque wrench will be of great use when dealing with much large bolts and nuts. It is the kind you will need for suspension and engine mounts.
  • ¾-inch drive – This is a type of torque wrench designed to deal with oversized automotive parts like on monster trucks. It is, therefore, for specific uses since unless you are dealing with large trucks, then you should not consider keeping around this type of torque wrench.

3. Type of Torque Wrench

We don’t expect that you will encounter one kind of torque wrench because there are several.

  • Click Torque Wrench

This tool is ideal when working on a matching bolt and nut. You will be able to pre-set the wrench to the desired setting since it applies the right force which prevents overstretching or overreaching.

  • Beam Torque Wrench

This device explores a simple design which includes two beams. A lever arm connects the handle and wrench head. It will show the force you are applying so that you can know when to stop.

  • Dial Torque Wrench

It performs three duties. It tests, verifies, and audits a joint’s torque. It can be used for quality control as it has a memory pointer that stores the end torque that is applied to a fastener.

  • Digital Torque Wrench

This device will show you the selected measurement on an LED screen. It can be set to provide torque to a specific level just like other torque wrenches. But with a digital wrench, it can offer a memory setting for saving and retrieving torque settings.

  • Electronic Torque Wrench

This can be a programmable torque wrench which can have set limits. They also have a small chip to save readings. It provides different types of signals when the torque is right like a flashing LED or a buzz. Since it will show real-time values, it is a great tool for novice users.

4. Performance

You will need a torque wrench that is highly accurate since you are not using a socket wrench. As such, it should be automatically calibrated to an accuracy of +/4%. Accuracy can change with time, but to keep it at the manufacturer’s calibration, you will need to follow the correct maintenance procedures.


We hope that by now, you are armed with the right information for getting the best torque wrench. On our list, we have found the TEKTON model to be the top performing device thanks to its versatility and high accuracy levels.

If you are looking for a more accurate torque wrench that can achieve a precision of +/-3 in the clockwise direction, the CDI 250MFRMH is a great pick.

And if you want a torque wrench on a budget, we believe the Performance Tool M195 will fulfil your purposes.